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Typical room of an e-thug

Imagine a world, where anyone can be a tough guy. No gym memberships required. No prison tats. No posse. No, in this world, all you need is a keyboard.

To say that laptop thugs have become an epidemic is to say July has been a little warm. These ‘e-thugs’ are everywhere. They come in all races and I’m assuming, ages. I’d say all sizes, but somehow I feel that isn’t such a true statement. It has gotten so bad that I don’t even go to the bottom of the page on any news site that allows commenting. is one of the few news reporting websites that does not have a comment section on their site. I strongly believe all sites should remove comments from their stories.

Now maybe you’re saying to yourself, “isn’t it ironic that someone writing on a blog is griping about people giving their opinion?” And the answer is yes, it is a bit ironic. However, I’m writing on a site that you decided to come to because you wanted to. This isn’t an important news story that you needed information regarding.

Removing comments won’t stop keyboard bangers, but it can’t hurt. Their annoying presence alone is enough to invoke hacking into their machines. I’d say that they should be beaten up, but many probably never leave their rooms in their mom’s basements…

-Marcus (@Aguilla112)

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I'm a thirty year old man who likes Medicine For Melancholy.

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    • Kristy Nicole
      July 24, 2012

      It is even worse when these e-thugs are very grown, in age, men/women. Disturbing to say the least. Everyone wants a voice and wants to feel important. E-thugging is not the way to go!


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