So it’s been a minute, eh?

*cracks knuckles over keyboard… begins typing*

So contrary to popular belief, when I said farewell to Kansas City, I wasn’t saying farewell to you, ThaWell, or the ECHI podcast. It’s just been a crazy few months. Needless to say, I’m outta practice. I’ll try not to talk your ear off… or write your eyes out… or whatever.

As I mentioned in my last post, I [allegedly] moved to Atlanta and started a new job. That new job had me traveling to Canada on my first day and staying for what I thought would be two weeks. Two weeks soon turned into “the foreseeable future”. To date, I’ve spent more time in Canada than I have in Atlanta, and the ratio isn’t even close. Am I complaining? Only a little bit. The new job is great. Canada is extremely okay. Atlanta is [allegedly] fantastic. But being away from home for weeks/months on end when I still had boxes to unpack was kinda whack.

I did have the opportunity to learn quite a bit about Canada, though. No, I don’t mean any of the history, or anything like that. I’ve honestly never even thought about the history of Canada. I’m talking about the important stuff. Like the versatility of “eh”. The running joke is that people up there say “eh” a ton. It was strange listening to them talk to each other. It was like this:

theehteam_largePerson A: “Hey, buddy. How’s it going, eh?”

Person B: “Not bad, eh. How are you?”

Person A: “Eh?”

Person B: “I said, ‘not bad, eh. How are you?'”

Person A: “Sorry [pronounced, SORE-ee], I didn’t hear you, eh.”

Just eh’s all over the place.

The other big learning is that all black dudes in Canada look like Drake. All of them. Did I happen to see them all? No, that’d be ridiculous. I did, however, see three young black dudes at an establishment that were all Drake-complected with Drake-ish hair. Using the transitive properties of FoxNewsian logic, I used that sample set to deduce that all black dudes in Canada MUST be Drake clones. So I took the liberty of dubbing Canada as “the land of 10,000 Drakes”.

I also have a few funny stories, but I’ll save those for the next ECHI podcast.

During the one full week of my absence that I wasn’t in Canada, I was on a cruise. Last time I went on a cruise, I came back and gave you a two-part post (part Ipart II) about the people we met and the things we did. I don’t have that for you this time. I had a great time, I just didn’t take the time to take enough notes on what/who I saw to come back and do that… If I did, I’d have a whole lot to say about say about the Terrio-ish little boy who seemed to tell me that he wanted me to drown; or about the group of black people who occupied the back of the ship’s top deck and often twerked and danced around the umbrella poles to the music they brought with them everywhere they went. Stereotypes happened. And I affectionately nicknamed them “yo cousins an ‘nem”.

The biggest event during my absence has not been anything fun. My mom’s best friend and younger sister passed away in mid-July. The process of her sickness seemed to be fairly quick from my perspective, meaning she seemed to go from healthy to gravely ill in a really short amount of time. I did get the chance to go home and visit her when she was still relatively healthy. It was one of the most difficult visits ever. There was my aunt, for the most part, walking/dancing/running around being her usual jovial self. Except she was dying and she knew it. And I knew it. And there was nothing any of us could do about it.

My parents have always collectively been my #1 fans. My aunt has always been #1A. Always there to cheer me on and celebrate my every accomplishment with genuine excitement and pride. That’s love. That’s irreplaceable.

I hate to end this post with such a down tone, but that’s honestly where my head is right now. It’s not quite real to me yet. So if you could, send a prayer of strength up for my family. Specifically for my mom, who lost a sister and best friend; my cousins, who lost a mother; and my grandmother, who lost a daughter.

‘Preciate it.

-Erik (@WalkSays)

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    • Ruth
      July 30, 2015

      Praying for you and your family Erik, I know that must be hard to deal with. Glad you’re back


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