So much to do…

So, uh…yea.  Full disclosure, I have been busy! Very busy.  Over the past 14 days I have been inside of a boiler in Sibley, MO, in Oklahoma for a holiday and burdened with 3 additional projects at work. Add to that I just painted my house. This is in addition to the hardest job that no one told me about, being a father.  I’m straight worn out!
The thing I have to remember in all of these instances is that God has it all mapped out.  Why did I go to Sibley? To learn more than I did before, and to help someone in need. I was also able to discover that my newest co worker is a fellow believer whom I can bond with.
Why did I go to Oklahoma for the holiday? Because I decided never to pass up family time for financial gain?
Why paint my house? To sell it and get away from my crazy neighbor (I honestly could write a lot more about this, but I’ll just fast that your prayers are very much needed)!
Sometimes its hard to count the joy in everything, but I’ve lived in a home where money was a problem, so I thank God for the job. Even when it seems burdensome.

Remember that God is in control, and like the old adage states, He will never give you more than you
can handle.
Until next time.

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Born in Dallas, raised in OKC and Michigan. Grew up wanting to be Bo Jackson, then Barry Sanders, then Stan Lee, Batman and Mike Tyson (yes, in that order). Striving everyday to be used by God for what He has called me here for. Married with a nearly 1-year old daughter (5 years of marriage on August 11!). I'm not witty enough to think of anything else right now.

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