Spoiler Alert: The Late Arrival To An American Classic

Confession:  Until late 2014, I had never laid eyes upon one millisecond of The Wire.  Yep, me and 2 other black people have never seen the show that many call the best drama in the history of American television.

While I’m confessing, I’ve never seen Oz, Scandal or Tyler Perry’s (fill in the blank).

Growing up (and currently), my house never really had cable.  This includes the lack of HBO during my college years.  So I never got to see the greatness of The Wire.  Naturally, when the other members of tha Well made references to the show, I was lost.  All I really knew of the show was that it featured Idris Elba, Michael K . Williams, and that it was set in Baltimore.  Beyond that, I knew that the show focused on the drug issues of urban America.  Needless to say, once I began to watch the show I realized what the show was truly about: people.  Specifically, the interaction of people from various walks of life.  One of my favorite parts of the show is the interactions of all of the different groups, and how it all ties together somehow.

I’m waiting to start streaming the 5th and final season.  Yes, I’m waiting on it as if it were OITNB or House of Cards.  I’d like to be able to sit down and finish the season within a couple of weeks (which just isn’t possible right now).  As I wait, I’m wondering what is going to happen with Randy?  Does Michael continue down his path?  Does Brianna ever find out the truth about what happened to D’Angelo?  Does McNulty continue to transform in season 1 Kima (and vice versa)?

Waiting to start the season also gives me the chance to share some of my favorite moments from the show (in no particular order).

1.  Adios to Dee, Frank and Wallace – All three of these characters were immediately likeable.  Even though they were involved in grimy practices, there was something clean about them.  Frank always seemed to be doing what was best for his union, and only wanted to see everyone making money.  D’Angelo knew that a little bit of tough and care was needed to successfully run The Pit.    Wallace was just in the wrong line of work (why did he come back??!).

All 3 characters had demises that I didn’t necessarily see coming (until the setups just before, of course).  Each death was really a precursor to another larger turn.

2.  Omar gets Stringer – I liked Idris Elba’s portrayal of Stringer Bell.  Classy.  Intelligent.  Ruthless.  It was a dynamic character that brought life to the crew.  That being said, I really  like the Omar character (played by Michael K. Williams).  I knew that it was a matter of time before one of them got to the other, and Omar won.  The final scene of Stringer was a classic; “Y’all mother

3.  Bodie gets got – Bodies death was interesting to me for 2 reasons.  First, he suffered the same fate as Wallace, for the same reason as Wallace.  To me, Bodie’s death was like seeing Wallace get the chance to grow up a little longer.  Secondly, it proved that McNulty indeed has the anti-Midas touch.  Just having lunch with Bodie cost him.

One of the biggest excitements I have for the next season will be to discover how the characters evolve.  I wonder if Prezbo will continue to teach.  Will Michael keep up the “game?”  Does Brianna ever learn the truth about Dee (although it feels like that chapter is closed)?  Does McNulty continue down the family man route?  Does Kima go back to her family?

I’ll be watching with anticipation.  But please, don’t spoil it for me.

Until next time…

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    • Cristin
      April 3, 2015

      I didn’t watch the Wire until after the new year, either! It really lived up to the hype.
      The Other Black Person Who Hadn’t Watched the Wire Until 2015.
      PS- I know the third…


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