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Today is February 14th, also known as Valentine’s Day.  Most people will be making a big deal about doing something for their sweetheart, and buying this, expecting that…enough!!

The thought that you need to spend $80 on roses, just to earn the love of someone is laughable.  Instead, why not plant flowers for them that they can enjoy year-round.  Yes, that takes work, but it also should mean more to you and them.  A man should show his woman, especially his wife, the same romance everyday that he is prodded to show her on February 14th.  A woman should do all of the things that get attached to this day, every day of the year.  Dinner, movies, flowers, kind gestures – these should be the norm, and not the exception.

I was fortunate enough to meet and marry a woman who does not care much for material items.  In fact, when I gave her a pair of earrings last night (I’ll explain that later), she gratefully asked me “why did you buy me these?”  It’s so great to know that she will not get caught up in the “you didn’t get me this” or “you didn’t plan that” rigmarole.  I know many women (some of them with the same bloodlines as myself!) who get wrapped up in the Valentine’s “traditions.”  I know that I will attempt to raise my daughter(s) with an understanding that February 14th is the day to say “Happy Birthday” to their aunt Crys. T, and show the same love and affection to those you love that you should show on every day of the year.


Back to the earrings; a couple of weeks ago we were getting ready for church.  On 1st Sundays, the choir at my church wears either black or white-this was a black Sunday.  My wife, in all of her gestational beauty, was wearing a black dress and pair of heels (that I bought for her on some day not numbered 02/14), and was looking rather lovely.  It prompted me to think to myself “she looks amazing!  I want to get her some earrings to go with that!”  That thought drove me to Amazon.com, and one $20 lightning deal later, I had a gift for my wife.  Yes, I gave them to her last night, during the season of Valentine’s, but those were a gift of practicality and were only $20.

So, if you really want to get something for the one you love, by all means do so.  But just don’t let today, February 14, be the only day you do so.

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