Steve Harvey: Setter backer of fashion

I found out recently that there is a dude at my job who wears awful suits to work. Like the awfulest (yep, I make up words) of awful suits. Now before I paint this picture for you of this man’s alleged transgressions, let me first inform you that people don’t wear suits at my job. Work attire runs the spectrum from slacks and a button-up shirt (which is where I reside) to a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops. People generally wear whatever they want. But nobody wears suits except this dude… allegedly.

steve harvey suitI’ve been told that ol’ buddy had on a mustard-colored suit one day, equipped with gray pinstripes and somewhere between 7 and 38,000 buttons on a jacket that went all the way down to his knees. Dude was rockin the latest and greatest of the Steve Harvey collection, and he wore it to work. And that just seems to be par for the course. He does this every day.

Now before you get the wrong idea, the purpose of this post is not to make fun of this man whom I’ve never met nor seen. That wouldn’t be fair. My issue is with the existence of suits like this at all. Why do we need them? Where are they ever appropriate other than at black churches?

If on Easter Sunday you walk into a black church, you’re going to see some interesting looking suits. You’ll see them in red, pink, purple, etc. You’ll see them with a gang of buttons. You’ll see them with matching gators. And you may or may not laugh. But that’s all fine and good. If dudes want to wear that stuff to church on a Sunday, more power to them. But there is an issue when that joint is worn on any other day at any other place that isn’t church… like work.

Suits like this have become very inexpensive and readily available. Unfortunately, they don’t come with a tag that says, “Don’t wear this jawn to work”. JaheimBlueSuit

So let this be a lesson to everybody. If you find yourself in the market for a lime green, elephant skin suit, covered in purple sequins with Steve Harvey’s label on it, feel free to buy it. Just don’t wear that joint to work. Also, just because you only wear it to church, it doesn’t mean people won’t still make fun of you. See Jaheim… Them’s the brakes, champ.


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