You may not be aware, but there’s a movement brewing. It’s a movement among those of us who believe that Stevie Wonder can see, separating us from the rest of you terrible people who wish blindness on the man. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, #StevieAintBlind. Chris and I have been supporters of this movement for a long time. Why, you ask? Let’s look at some evidence:

Stevie is a brilliant songwriter/musician/singer. But in many of his songs, I’m left wondering about what Stevie, assumed to be a blind man, knows about the subject. We’ll examine a handful of them (because Stevie has done A LOT of songs). The first song we’ll look at is called The Masquerade from his first album called “A Tribute to Uncle Ray” released in 1962.

From “The Masquerade”

My blue horizon is turning gray
And my dreams are drifting away
Your eyes don’t shine like they used to shine
And the thrill is gone when your lips meet mine

Is it just me or is Stevie doing a lot of talking about colors for someone who, ya know, can’t see. Also, “your eyes don’t shine like they used to shine” suggests that Stevie is looking deep into someone else’s eyes… I mean…

Next, on Stevie’s 1967 album entitled “I Was Made to Love Her”, he has a song called “Every Time I See You I Go Wild”… We don’t need to look at the lyrics, do we? Moving on…

In 1968, Stevie released an album called “For Once In My Life”, featuring a song called “The House on the Hill”.

From The House on the Hill

See that house, that house up on the hill
Let me tell you that’s where my little darlin’ live
Come late tonight I’ll have a handful of rocks
And I know arm strength is strong enough
To make one hit the top
And if I do she’ll come running out that room

Have you ever heard a blind man say, “see that [insert whatever] over there”? No. No, you haven’t. And Stevie is throwing rocks at the house to get her attention. While blind? Ok, cool.

On his album “Innervisions” in 1973, Stevie released one of my favorite Stevie songs, “Living For the City”. The spoken interlude in the song gives us some gems.

From the spoken interlude of Living For the City

Wow, New York! Just like I pictured it–skyscrapers and everything!

I mean… I just… Moving on…

In 1976, Stevie’s album “Song in the Key of Life” featured a song about his baby daughter, entitled “Isn’t She Lovely”. I don’t know, Stevie. Is she? Is she lovely?

1984 was when Stevie released the album “The Woman in Red” with some interesting lines in the title track.

From The Woman in Red

Am I seeing what I think I see
Or are my eyes playing tricks on me
‘Cause what I see don’t make no sense
Looking so good standing over that vent
Earth Venus in broad daylight
The Goddess of Love is in my sight
Gotta catch a hold of myself
‘Cause if I don’t I’ll have nothing left

Stevie, I don’t know for sure if your eyes are playing tricks on you, but I submit to the jury that they’re definitely playing tricks on us.

I’ll leave you with a video clip of Stevie’s unblindness and some of Bomani Jones, the first person I heard bring this movement to life.

Stevie catching a microphone stand:


Stevie’s three plasma screen TVs:


Stevie looking at Alicia Keys:


steviesongameI’m just sayin. The evidence is rather strong. You can ponder on it if you want. In the meantime, Stevie will be sitting courtside at an NBA game or moonlighting as a photographer for TMZ. Good day, my friends.

-Erik (@WalkSays)

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