Sticks and Stones

Sometimes I have real issues with words. There are certain words when spoken in my presence make me feel some type of way. (Apparently there is some song with that title so that may be my last time using “some type of way” which makes me actually feel some type of way).

I know I’m not the only person who feels this way. I once dated a wonderful woman who had a giant problems with the word “fine.” If she asked me how something looked or tasted or sounded or smelled and I responded, “fine,” she would get so angry. I’d be so lost. How can you not like a word as innocuous as fine?

Seriously, someone please let me know because I don’t understand.

While I don’t understand why fine wasn’t, I do understand how she felt the way she did because I always cringe inside when I see two words: deserve and success.

Deserve and success are two words I really don’t understand completely. Watch TV for any amount of time and you’ll hear how much you deserves this product or that product. You’ll hear how much this person deserves a particular punishment or praise. All the while I don’t understand who determined that to be the case.

Perhaps I’m too churchy, but given the fact that I know that through my actions and thoughts everyday I deserve condemnation and punishment and don’t get it, I find it hard to believe that I deserve to take a break and a wonderful vacation or whatever.

Maybe I’m way off base. This was just a quick thought. Tomorrow I’ll discuss my issue with success.

And no I’m not talking about a Nigerian girl.


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