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So I was watching SC in the gym this morning, and they were talking about the Jason Collins (@JasonCollins34) story. They were showing some of the supportive tweets that he had received:

Proud of @jasoncollins34. Don’t suffocate who u r because of the ignorance of others #courage #support #mambaarmystandup #BYOU

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Jason Collins has announced that he is gay. I know Jason and his family well and I support him 100%.”
Then they showed Miami Dolphins’ Mike Wallace’s (@wallace17_dakid) tweet, which wasn’t mean or hurtful in any way. All he essentially said is that he didn’t understand homosexuality. THAT’S ALL! reported the tweet as being “homophobic”.

??? RT @wallace17_dakid: All these beautiful women in the world and guys wanna mess with other guys SMH…

Yet the Dolphins put out a statement about his feelings “not reflecting the feelings of the organization.”
He didn’t bash Collins, just said he didn’t understand his lifestyle.
Chris Broussard has come under fire by some for stating that, as a Christian man, he doesn’t agree with homosexuality.  He even stated it on Outside the Lines (OTL).  MSNBC bashed his comments, as seen in the link.
Really?? Was all of this hate necessary? If you shouldn’t be condemned for being bold enough for coming out as gay, you shouldn’t be condemned for stating that you don’t understand it!  You shouldn’t be condemned for simply stating that you don’t think it is right.  There was no hate in either statement, so why isn’t the playing field even?  Come on people, realize that the same rules apply when it comes to disagreeing with what has pretty much become acceptable (homosexuality).  Yes people will disagree with it, just as people will disagree with everything else.  Don’t bash or call for someone’s job simply because they say what you don’t like.  That’s the true shame: that people can’t listen objectively to the viewpoints of others.
Until next time, God Bless.

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    • Ruth Jeremiah
      April 30, 2013

      Very well put. I’m confused by the double standard when it comes to “tolerance.”

    • Deshawn
      April 30, 2013

      I agree.. people shouldnt bash someone for having an opinion about it. If thats how they feel, thats how they feel, there was not mal intent behind either statements.


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