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Last week while riding home on the train I ran across a story on the founder of the one of three of the worst websites ever created, World Star Hip Hop. (Just for giggles the other two are Mediatakeout and Black Sports Online, the latter of which is just awful)

The interview was everything you’d expect from a guy who’s entire business model is based on getting poor, black folks to fight each other over trivial things and film it on a cameraphone. That is to say it was stupid.

This guy had the audacity (thanks, Mom) to say that he saw himself as the CNN for black people, to which I would disagree because the CNN for black people is, yanno, CNN. Nevertheless, the guy continues about giving a voice to people who would otherwise have no voice. That is some bull. His website is full of fights, nudity and rap videos aka clickbait. Just be real, bruh, you want to make money and you’ll appeal to the lowest common denominator to do so. Which is fine, if you’re honest.

But that’s not even my real issue today. My issue was sparked off in the comments when someone said something to the effect of his website setting black people back some amount of time. Another person who joined the conversation excoriated the WSHH dude for perpetuating stereotypes and only depicting black folks in negative light which then makes it okay for “other” folks (read: white people) to think they way they do about us.

That right there caused me to SIDE EYE so hard. There are plenty of net video aggregators and video shows, Tosh, Ridiculousnisity (or whatever its called) Talk Soup depicting countless clips of white folks doing stupid things, but each person in those videos is judged individually.

It seems like ONLY among blacks is there a notion that one represents all. Which is STOOPID considering blacks, just like other folks, aren’t homogenous! There are so many different types and varieties that I cringe when someone talks about a “black experience” or “black church” or “black licorice” (but that’s for an entirely different reason). The fact is we arent all the same. One black drop kicking another guy in a Wendy’s parking lot has nothing to do with me. (Not sure if that’s a real video on the site, but I’m sure it is)

When I see a guy acting foolishly, I don’t think how someone will look at me because of it, because I dont, yanno, do foolish things. At least not on the regular. So this whole notion of one representing all has got to go y’all. I mean lets be honest, when black MD’s, PhD’s and other smart black folks walk around, they aren’t representing all of us.

Only when it’s negative does it apply and that’s just wrong.


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