The case for stricter gun laws

In the past week, there have been two shootings that have been in the news. In the past month, there have been at least two more. In fact, there have been 15 school shootings resulting in injury or death in just the last year and a half. 15. That’s 15 cases where students have unknowingly risked their lives by merely going to school. That’s insane.

Outside of the school shootings, which have happened at every grade level including colleges and universities, we have the shootings like this one that recently happened in Las Vegas. The ones where a motive may or may not be known, and the perpetrator(s) go on a shooting spree usually just before turning the gun on him/herself. These have happened in malls, parking lots, movie theaters, etc. Pretty much anywhere where crowds of people could be gathered.

To be fair, there is a lot that can be said about the types of people that usually carry out these attacks. These are individuals are not well. It’s safe to assume that if a person wants to commit suicide, then he/she is not mentally well. But once that person has decided that he wants to murder a bunch of strangers before ultimately committing suicide, that is something wholly different. My guess is that this is why people continue to make that dumb argument that “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.”

It’s completely irresponsible and short-sighted to take the danger label completely off the gun and put it solely on the person. You can’t look me in the face and tell me that you’d be just as afraid of a mass murderer holding an AR-15 as you would a mass murderer holding a machete. There aren’t many cases that I know about of a person trying to kill a bunch of people with a knife. I do know that one happened not too long ago. And I also know that while there were some people that suffered some serious injuries, no one died. No one.

I’m not going to argue that no one should have a gun. Having a hand gun in the house for protection makes sense to me. Having a rifle for hunting makes sense to me. Having an AR-15, or any other semi-automatic or automatic weapon, makes absolutely no sense to me. Why does the average citizen need an assault rifle similar to what our soldiers have in battle? You going to war, bud? Where does it end? Do you need an AR-15 to protect your house? A 9mm won’t do the trick? A shotgun? What else do you need? You need a grenade launcher? A tank? Why not?

The case for owning guns is based on the rights outlined by the Second Amendment which is, at best, vague and dated. People are out here losing their minds crying that they don’t want the government to come and take their guns away. No one is saying anything about taking your guns away. What is being said is that it should be a lot harder for people to get guns of any kind. Every non-felon shouldn’t be allowed to own a gun. And no one should be able to own assault rifles. Period.

We gotta do better. I hate the fact that schools, traditionally known as places of innocence, have become war zones. Our children deserve better than this. Something’s gotta give.

I’ll catch you next time…

-Erik (@WalkSays)

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