The Cult of Queen Bey


Today will be a short post. All I want to say is that I very much so dislike Beyonce.  The sad part is it has little to do with her personally or her music. I don’t like Beyonce because she has quite possibly the worst fans of anything that has ever had fans in the history of fandom.


The folks that torrent buy her music elevate her to end. Granted, she sings okay and she’s somewhat attractive (Ed. Note: I would contend she is just a regular Houston chick with access to the best stylists and makeup artists) but I would contend her stans care more about her life than their own. This is no more evident than on black twitter.

For the record Beyonce has nothing vocally on about 10 other ladies singing today, but when you have the power of marketing and light skint-ness, nothing.can stop you from having a stage made in your likeness. Complete with a weave.


Someone went as far to say she’s the new MJ. I read that and wanted to Bernard Pollard a 3 year old. That’s just ludicrous.

Anyway, I’m done. I’m sure I haven’t done anything but convince y’all that I’m a giant hater.

Meh. You’re probably right, I think I’ve even admitted as much before on this site.

That’s it I’m done for today.

Remember the Embarrassment Project.


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    • marcus
      February 5, 2013

      Beyonce STANS are like Apple STANS. She has faults, but her stans see her as completely perfect in all ways. Just like Apple products. Others on the outside realize both the good and negative qualities of Apple and Beyonce. Follow me below:
      Beyonce = Apple = Steve Jobs = Jesus (to Apple Stans) = God (to Christians) = Beyonce. Therefore, Beyonce = God to some folks. That’s why you don’t like her. Am I right?

    • Kristy Nicole
      February 5, 2013

      The stage had a horrible wet and wavy!
      The idol worship of Bey can leave one speechless though every time I hear “Love on Top” I attempt to get with her on the range progression of the chorus. That’s the power of the light-skint-ed.


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