The Flashback (A Love Note)

This weekend marks 6 years of marriage for my wife and I.

Before getting married, we dated (off and on) for over 6 years.  Before dating, we hung out as really good friends from the same local church.  I’ve known her for over 15 years.  Obviously, some aspects of our relationship have changed over this past 15 years, while others have been the same since day one.  We’ve seen a lot of different things come and go in that time.  Some things, I still find hard to believe…

15 years ago I would have never imagined that…Marsena wasn’t at least part Asian.  When I first started really paying attention to her, I loved her Asian-looking eyes (don’t take this as some racist junk).  I’ve even had Asian friends in college that thought she was Asian.

14 years ago I would never have imagined that…the girl I kept asking to be my girlfriend would eventually become that (2 years later).

13 years ago…that after becoming such good friends, I would ever want to be her boyfriend.  We had developed a pretty cool relationship.

12 years ago…that we would stay together through college.  Everyone said the long distance thing wouldn’t work, and to be honest, I believed them.  I also thought her dad would shoot me one day!

11 years ago…so much in the world would change.  This was 2002, and we were in a war and everything was tense then.

10 years ago…I would be so close to dropping out of school.  Marsena’s patience and example (along w/my mom’s threats) kept me from doing something I would’ve have regretted.

9 years ago…I’d be so proud of Marsy.  She spent the summer in Gothic, Colorado at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory, surrounded by trees and air.  We were only able to talk sparingly while she was there, but I was proud of the work she was doing and how intelligent she was.

8 years ago…I would be down in Jackson, Mississippi, watching the woman I loved graduate Summa Cum Laude!  On top of that, her family treated me as if I belonged there (even though I was still afraid of her dad).

7 years ago…I would survive the conversation I had with her parents.  The moment I realized that they allowed me to ask their daughter for her hand in marriage was so relieving.  It’s the day I started really believing in Degree for Men deodorant.

6 years ago…I would be standing in Sanctuary full of people, declaring how much I wanted to spend my life with this one woman.

5 years ago…we’d be living in our 3rd state as husband in wife.  We went from Tulsa, to Madison, to Kansas City, all in 12 months.  It was a crazy year, but I was glad to have Marsy there with me.  BONUS:  We’d be on the beaches of Puerto Rico, seeing more of the world.

4 years ago…we’d be homeowners.  Even though I hated the house, neighborhood and neighbors, whom better to bear with you than the love of your life.

3 years ago…Marsy would be doing great work with the KCPD.  I was so proud that the work she did played a role in getting dangerous people off of the street.  Some of her cases were big time!

2 years ago…one word: ZARAH!!  That was one of the most unifying experiences of our lives.

1 year ago…we had made it through 5 years of marraige.

TODAY…I still find it awesome to know that the girl I was so in love with in high school would become my wife.  I used to say that she was the Laura to my Urkel.  I never imagined that we would be together, let alone parents.  Marriage has not been easy, and it has taken some work to overcome hangups by both of us.  But to know that this union, one that God designed and ordained by Genesis 2, is centered around our Faith that God is in control of us…that always assures me that there’s nothing insurmountable.

Happy Anniversary to my wife, Marsena Craig.

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Born in Dallas, raised in OKC and Michigan. Grew up wanting to be Bo Jackson, then Barry Sanders, then Stan Lee, Batman and Mike Tyson (yes, in that order). Striving everyday to be used by God for what He has called me here for. Married with a nearly 1-year old daughter (5 years of marriage on August 11!). I'm not witty enough to think of anything else right now.


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