The Heart of the Matter – Game 1 Recap

Heat vs. Spurs: Game 1 Score and Twitter Reaction from 2014 NBA Finals

Greetings all! Did you catch the game last night?  If not, you missed an interesting moment. I’m glad that the Finals finally got underway.  I say finally because even one day of the “Rematch” narrative is exhausting.  The San Antonio Spurs were hosting the Miami Heat.  In the events of the game, the AT&T Center – San Antonio’s home court- lost power to their air conditioning units.  This raised the heat (no pun intended) inside of the arena.  If you have ever been to San Antonio in the summertime, you know that it feels like Hell.  No jokes on that one.  It is hot.  It is humid.  It is Hell.  Yes, it gets both hot and humid in Miami, but it is a different feel in San Antonio.  So when the temperature on the court reached 93F, and forced one of the biggest guys in the Association out of the game, a story was wrought. The immediate reaction has been that big, buff Lebron James couldn’t finish the game; “He’s weak!”  “All of the other guys finished out!” First moment of truth: I am not a Lebron apologist, nor am I a Lebron hater.  I can look at the game and tell you that he’s the best player in basketball, and maybe one day will be the greatest ever.  He’s definitely the best now, no matter who wins the MVP.  But Lebron James has a history of cramping up (see the 2012 Finals).  He also poured in 25 points in 30-plus minutes.  It isn’t as if he didn’t give his team a shot to win. People questioning his heart and hustle need to step back.  Lebron was reportedly drinking so many fluids that there were bottles all around him. I have cramped up during a basketball game.  It was a pickup game mind you, but cramps none the less.  I went home.  I did not finish the game, because I couldn’t.  Now I wasn’t getting paid millions of dollars to do so, but it isn’t as if every person’s muscle structure is the same.  If Lebron James did not finish Game 1, it isn’t a matter of his heart, it’s a matter of his body chemistry.  Get off of his back, and quit questioning his manhood. Until next time…

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