The Key to the ‘Ship

Thursday night, fans in Miami actually stayed in their seats celebrated another championship for the team they all of a sudden care about their hometown Heat win another NBA Championship.  The season, as well as the Final series was a display of amazing basketball by a team that seemed to flow together consistently.  Say what you will about the “Big 3” (a term I hate by the way), there’s no repeat championship without the other guys.  Shane Battier had 18 points, Ray Allen hit a monster 3 in Game 6, and Chris Andersen played good defense on Tim Duncan down the stretch.  However, there’s no championship without Mario Chalmers.

For the past 2 years, it seems that whenever any talked about the Miami Heat and what they needed to become a better team (dumb argument, right?) it always involved getting a bigger body and a better point guard.  And for the past 2 years, Mario Chalmers continued to play a decent game of ball.  All of this while being seen as the horrible point guard who was constantly finding himself in the way of the Big 3’s greatness.  In fact, the Wall Street Journal even posted a story in 2012 about the tough role he has to play (or check out this Tumblr page dedicated to the wrath-feeling Mario).  But without the whipping boy point guard, who scored 14 in the Game 7 win the Heat don’t win Game 6 (he scored 20 in that amazing game 6).  He played well during the Finals, including this buzzer-beating 3.

So, while I won’t be celebrating with the Heat, I’m not going to hate on the great team that they currently have become.  Besides, I still get joy from seeing this moment (my favorite team getting revenge from 2006, what more could you ask for?

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