The Rope-A-Dope

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The Olympics are finally here. I’m a giant track and field fan (LOLO!) and leading up to the Olympics I’ve heard how vulnerable Usain Bolt is. He keeps losing to his countryman and hasn’t won a major competition in a while. Folks are asking if he’s done. Maybe his cockiness and arrogance caught up with him and he’s no longer on top. This is the narrative and wishes of sportswriters across the world.

But I ain’t buying it B. I just think he’s pulling a Rope-A-Dope (c) Muhammad Ali.

I feel like Usain is so dominant that he has to compete with himself, entertain himself. Thus the Rope-A-Dope. This got me to thinking about all the times I’ve pulled the move in my life. Or the times the move had been pulled on me.

What I mean? You’re chilling with a friend and you guys are kicking it for a while. You love Scrubs, she can recite whole episodes. You make random jokes about 80’s one season sitcoms, she knows exactly what you’re talking about. You like taking long walks, she has legs. Only thing, you two are just friends. Never ever even seent each other any other way but as brother and sister, no Flowers in the Attic. Until one day you look at her and something about her skin sparkles (note: your sign may be different if your friend is a stripper). Next thing you know, you all in love Yo. Listening to Carl Thomas Pandora stations and looking up trips to Brandon, MO and whatnot.

What happened? She hit you with the Rope-A-Dope.

Whether its intentionally planned or not, sometimes it happens. You thought you had a cool friend, deep down y’all were building the foundations for a relationship. That’s some unconscious Inception type stuff. You’re emotions treated your heart like George Foreman.

Once the RAD has been pulled off the next step is figuring out how to proceed. In a perfect world, you two would date, get common lawmarried and have adorable pictures of other people’s kids. But we hardly live in a perfect world.

9 times out 8 there is a hang up to pursuing relationship from one or both sides. girlfriends, ex-boyfriends, work, prison sentences. There always seems to be some great barrier in between…reef (#drakeblog).

What you can’t do is not address it and pretend like it nothing is there. You might find a way to be together. Or you might talk about things and decide to chill, but something must be done. The RAD isn’t a bad thing and in many ways its a great, its just something that happens. Its inevitable…

Just like Bolt running a 9.5 flat and winning gold this year.

What do you think? Have you ever been Rope-A-Doped?


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