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While D is at a conference doing actual work, I thought Id step in a write a post. Also, I may have forgotten to post on Monday. Shhhh.

Anyway this week I’ve been kind of down, which happens sort of frequently. I’m no Eeyore or anything, but periodically it just seems like things could be a whole lot better. The thing is nothing in particular happened for me to feel this way. Ultimately I know that God has my back in all things and cares about me deeply. That’s comforting and has taken a long time to truly believe this.

But what about those who are new to the faith or don’t have any faith at all? What about those who are down and out for real. Those who have been beaten down so much by life they have no more strength left. God still loves them and wants them. God still cares, but do they know? How are they to know? Its a lot of false teaching out there that says you have to be a certain way to come to Christ or for Christ to love you. That aint true y’all. Christ wants everybody.Watch the video below and it’ll explain what I mean.

(Do not be confused by the title this isnt a Christian version of The Bachelorette)


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