The War On Police

With the assassination of Harris (TX) County Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth on Friday, the “Black Lives Matter” group has garnered negative attention to its cause.  Outlets such as Fox News’ “The Five” have had discussions that ended by begging the question “has the blood that has been shed quenched your thirst?”  This very poignant question was aimed at  the leadership of the movement in regards to the 7 law enforcement officials that have been killed over the past few weeks.  The panel, which included Juan Williams and comedian Tom Shillue, debated whether or not the President has fueled this recent attack on police, as well as calling for more black leaders to denounce and speak out against the violence.  Shillue even called the organization a “criminal organization” after a video surfaced of a group of protesters (holding a Black Lives Matter banner) were recorded chanting “Pigs in a Blanket.”

While no sane person can justify the death of anyone, particularly when Deputy Goforth was doing nothing more egregious than pumping gas.  The alleged suspect, Shannon Miles, fired over 15 shots into the officer, in what amounts to an execution.  He (or whoever the perp is) deserves full punishment for the heinous crime.  Point blank. However, Harris County Sheriff immediately blamed the “rhetoric” of the “Black Lives Matter” movement as leading to the violence against police officers.

What the members of “The Five” are missing (for the most part) is that the Black Lives Matter movement is around for the implicit fact that there are an insane number of blacks that lose their lives at the hands of law enforcement officials.  There is no getting away from that, as the numbers speak for themselves.  The movement, even though I don’t agree with all portions of it, is needed in certain aspects.  However it is not a “criminal organization” in need of RICO charges.  The movement is necessary to shed light on the issue of police brutality.  That doesn’t mean that “other” lives don’t matter; nothing can be further from the truth.  But attaching words like “rhetoric” and “criminal” to the movement as a whole is the same as Black Lives Matter members painting all police officers as racist, black-killing devils.   It ignores the fact that there are police officers in this country that abuse their power

Find the middle ground.

In all of this, Officer Goforth’s family is left to hear the country politicizing his death.  He left behind 2 daughters and a wife.  Prayers for his family are needed.

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    • Ruth Jeremiah
      September 1, 2015

      It’s interesting that several black criminals are potentially marring the image of a legitimate movement. But when it comes to white criminals, news and media outlets are hesitant to vilify an entire race or particular movement. Good post.


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