So…this was supposed to post yesterday. My bad.

I feel like I never have enough time these days. The world, my world is overstimulated. There are too many things to occupy my time with, but at the same time all that stimulation has left me unable to focus on anything. Work, home, classes whatever it is I’m doing at one particular moment I’m thinking of something else.

I don’t care what Google folk, Wikipedia folk or Insight.com folks would tell you, but there is a such things as too much information. Knowing too much takes away the actual experience or discovery. We already know how the story ends before we even get a chance to check that jawn out from the library.

I remember a time people couldn’t get ahold of you it wasn’t out of avoidance, but because you weren’t at home. I am the worst text messager ever because I’ve taken notifications off. I don’t need to be or want to be always available. I don’t desire to be attached to my cell phone at all times. I have a terrible habit of hitting refresh so much I can’t experience where I am at the moment.

I know I sound real, “get off my lawn” right now, but I just feel like I accomplished so much more when I was limited in what I knew at a given moment or how connected I was.

Meh, who knows. Maybe I’m wrong.

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