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A short conversation that occurred the other day on Tha Well led to my discovery of Babi Daddi Apparel.  Per the website, “babi DADDI Represent [sic] The Daddi’s Who DO Take Care Of Their Kids”.  The site has a gallery and a Youtube page that displays many fathers rocking the shirts and hats with their children.

While I applaud the notion of the apparel, I have to ask that you allow me to put on my hater glasses.

The few problems that I have with the site are:

1. They are called children, not kids (blame my grandma).  As she always says, “goats have kids, humans have children.”

2.  The premise of celebrating a “baby daddy” is a problem all itself.  When i think of the word father,

I think of a man who has vowed to love and honor a woman, made that woman his wife, and started a family with her.  He then becomes a father, providing and caring for wife and child(ren).  To me, a baby daddy implies some guy just got some woman pregnant, then becomes a financial supporter for the child, and provides little if any support for the mother.

3. I’m never a fan of intentionally misspelling words, just for the appeal.  Even though we are called Tha Well….

4.  The idea behind celebrating men who raise and provide for their children is, well, silly.  A man is SUPPOSED TO  provide, love and care for his children.  Why should you be celebrated for doing the right thing.

5.  And to that point, it is a very sad indictment on our society that we feel the need applaud men who actually do the right thing by their families.

I’m all for entrepreneurship and celebrating people.  I wish the founder of babi DADDI all the best.  I just hate that it has come to this.

What are your thoughts?  Until next time,

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