Where’s the line??

The insane should not be allowed to vote!

I was reading this article on the @huffingtonpost that got me thinking…
So recently a female “entertainer” (I refuse to call her a rapper) has brought attention upon herself due to her somewhat political verses.  In a recent song, the entertainer said “I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney / You lazy b—-es is f—ing up the economy.”  As duly noted by veteran MC Talib Kweli (@TalibKweli), this was done for publicity’s sake.  But the craziest thing is  somebody on a radio station in NY said that they would keep their children from listening to said entertainer b/c of her politically-tinged verse.  REALLY?!?!  REALLY?!?!  So her putting on an exorcism during the Grammy’s didn’t do it for you, huh?  The multiple personality junk doesn’t bother you?  The fact that she’s letting little girls think its cool to 1) be made of plastic and 2) kiss on other women is not enough for you to stop your child from bumping this entertainer’s tracks?!  Shoot, I’d ban my daughter for the simple fact that I don’t want her saying the entertainer’s stage name!  What has happened to people that it takes a verse about voting for a certain politician to make you draw a line about what you feed your kids?!  I don’t know what to even make of these folks.

Folks who are in the spotlight are bound to do things that upset some fans.  It is just inevitable.  But people can’t be so blinded by the ‘love’ for these stars that they let the one possibly mature moment in someone’s career be the reason they revoke their fandom.  There has to be a higher standard; one that doesn’t accept all of the profanity, insanity and blasphemy.

Just a few short thoughts this week.

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