Why God Created Sin

Many people wonder what a Christian has to do to obtain salvation and maintain righteousness.  Righteousness has been defined by the church for centuries, but what does it mean really?

The book of declares that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.  It further states that there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.  This message, as well as the message of God’s infinite grace and mercy, is thoroughly delineated throughout the scripture.

It is clear, then, how to obtain salvation and who will be entitled to Heaven.  However, if Jesus died on the cross for our sins, and believing in him guarantees everlasting life, why does sin exist?  Why did God create sin and command through his Word that we not abide it?

In order to answer this, you first have to consider the old and new testament in two different buckets.  Firstly, the old testament composed of 614 laws/commandments that seekers of God were required to follow.  It was nearly impossible to abide by all 614 commandments stated; its actually hard to find anyone in the Bible that successful did.  The reason why these laws were created was to demonstrate that it is impossible for man to be righteous on their own, and that it is necessary that mankind has a mediator that bridges the gap between man and God.  Makes sense.

What about the new testament sins?  When Jesus came to earth and died on the cross, he fulfilled what was the old 614-item law.  This meant that most of the old laws that were implemented in the old testament no longer did after Jesus came. Still, other sins, remained and were preached in the New testament. 

The reason for the creation of new testament sins is simple:   to prevent man from experiencing pain and folly.  Similar to a father providing rules to his son, God created sin to us in order to prevent us from harm, affliction, sadness, or lifes stress.  Each sin in the new testament has consequence that, if we complete the sin, we would be worse off.  Thus, even though a Christians righteousness is assured through their faith in Jesus, avoiding sin is commanded of us for our own physical, emotional and mental good here on earth.

As examples, I have created a list of sins outlined in the new testament and the pratical consequences that could arise from doing them.




What Happens if you Commit the Sin


Your spouse or the spouse of the persons you are cheating with could come after you to harm you


Could cause anger, rage, and even murder


You will never see the Heaven


Could enrage those that you hear you boast, and they could try to harm you because of that rage


Spawns jealousy and possible anger and fury amongst those involved, which can lead to harm or great conflict and divide

Denying Christ

You will go to hell


Causes discord between friends, family members, and those who you care about and adore


The way that divorce can affect the children that are involved can be truly devastating


A person who drives drunk can kill an innocent pedestrian


A person that covets a position that someone else has is never satisfied and often may step on the face of others to get to the top


You could catch an STD or create an unwanted pregnancy


You could want something so bad that you could lose it all trying to obtain it


Hating people causes them to hate you; ostrecizing people this way causes you to be isolated and alone in life


A hypocrite is never trusted; effective relationships cannot be established when people express elements of hypocrisy


You could become so captivated by something that you could lose focus on things are most important in your life, and you can lose those things in the process

Course Jesting: Speaking harshly or inappropriately

Say the wrong thing to the wrong person and you could get punched or stabbed


Lust can get out of control to the point where you think about sex with someone other than your spouse; this could lead to adultery, divorce, and devastation


You could lose the trust of your closest family members and friends, which could be unrepairable


Retaliation. Plain and simple


Pride could prevent a person from engaging in certain lucrative business deals that could cost you thousands and perhaps millions of dollars


If you get caught, you could face serious jailtime and possible shankings in prison

Unforgiving Heart

If you don’t forgive, you could fail to salvage relationships (both business and personal) that could help you sometime in the future


A John could easily kill you


-Deshawn (@ShonJay714)


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    • Erik
      March 12, 2014

      I have tons of issues with this thought. First, God didn’t “create” sin. Sin is just the opposite of obeying God’s laws. It’s the same way that darkness doesn’t exist without there first being light. Second, I’m not sure what 614 Old Testament laws you mean. There were only ten commandments. Third, Jesus’s death and resurrection didn’t free us from having to try to obey that law, it freed us from the consequences of what happens when we fail if we seek forgiveness. There is no difference between Old Testament sin and New Testament sin. Sin has always been the same.


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