Why Only White Kids Shoot Up Schools

Last Friday, November 1, a shooting occurred at around 9:20 am in Terminal 3 of the Los Angeles Airport (LAX).  Paul Anthony Ciancia, aged 23, has been accused of opening fire with a rifle, killing a US government TSA officer and injuring several other people.

If you hadn’t guessed yet, the irrational disgruntled shooter was white. Yep, he was a white guy.  This has been shown to be a revolving reoccurrence throughout America in the past 25 years.  From the Columbine school shooting, to the Aurora, CO movie theater shooting, to now this; the culprit always mysteriously seems to be a young white male.  But why?  Why not another race?

The profile of a public shooter is obvious.  Former high school classmates described the LAX shooter as a quiet student who was often left uninvited to hang out with other people.  The shooter played trumpet in his high school’s band, kept to himself often, and ate lunch alone.  One former student even said that they didn’t remember any one person who was close to him and that, in four years, they never heard a word out of his mouth.  Other public shooters in the past fit similar profiles.

It is clear that because he was considered a loser in high school and, as result, was possibly subject to intense bullying, the LAX shooter along with other school shooter types turn to committing thoughtless random acts of violence.  Because a man’s social worthiness is judged based on his social status (in America), it is essential for a man to assert himself in high regard.  When his status is threatened, he resorts to violence to acquire respect and status.

But why only white guys?  The reason is simple:  gangs.  Blacks, Mexicans, and Asians resort to joining gangs to validate their status and acquire respect (or what feels to be respect).  Gangs use violence (or the threat of violence) to assert themselves as important, wealthy, dangerous, and of high regard.

White people however don’t have gangs.  They don’t have a method by which they can express social angst or an outlet through they can obtain previously unacquired status and respect.  It seems that the only way they can obtain a sense of respect is to raise a gun in a public setting against innocent bystanders.  Sad, but true.

It seems the only solution to this dilemma is to eliminate bullying and classim in schools and society.  Perhaps universal uniforms in schools would help, or eliminating school bands, sports, and other activities that subdivide high school students.  However since it is impossible to eliminate classim a democracy, we may to just live with this one.


-Deshawn (@ShonJay714)

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    • droc
      November 6, 2013

      That’s a great point you bring up. A lot of these shootings have originated from Columbine. Then whites kids realized they could do that and that it was possible. I kind of feel bad, but its like hey inner city kids have been dying from gun violence for years and it never hits the news like that. I think that there are deep psychological issues that America has to deal with because things seem to be getting worst.

    • Tammy
      November 7, 2013

      I’m not sure of the root cause is his social ineptness. Although that is good to screen in a profile for these type of crimes. As for White gangs, I thought the kkk, Arian nation were organized gangs which Im glad he was not a part.of. Also, in my high.school there.were.cliques called grunge or goth for social outkasts. They were nice kids who didn’t fit in with their White peers so they dressed in black peirced their faces and dyed their hair. I think bullying, mental illness, poor family support, lack of social skills, and not feeling good about anything plus not having a relationship with God made this young man desperate, angry, and depressed. It be nice if we can get counselors to intervene and force the kid to be in group counsel and teach him how to socialize and cope before they become adults left to venture out alone and find a path. Also, it’s important to teach kids to be kind to those who are.shy or different. It’s a sad shame. We.need to have more candid convos because it keeps happening.


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