Why Your Prayers Have Not Been Answered

I cannot tell you how many Christians I have met who believe or felt that God didn’t answer their prayer(s), or that God said no to something that they have prayed for.  As sad as this feeling is, there is a reason why this happened; and the reason isn’t because God said no.

Most of you may remember the article I wrote on how prayer changes your situation, and that God never says no to any prayer that you pray for.  This is absolutely true, and the Bible proves it.  But why, you may ask, have prayers from some Christians not come true?

The answer is fairly simple.  First, you must understand two important things when it comes to the Word of God:  1). The Bible is 100% fact, and 2). Achieving anything in your life requires applying said fact to your life.

Since the Bible can be taken as fact, a prayer can be dissected to an exact science.  In fact, it can be dissected into an exact formula where, if applied, your prayer will be answer 100% of the time.  Consider the following equation:

(θ)(Pr + F)/(T) = (Answr)^(X [≥ 1])


θ = Obedience
Pr = Prayer
F= Faith constant
T = time
Answr = Answer to the prayer
X = unknown factor


In other words, obedience multiplied by prayer plus faith, divided by Time (which is unknown), is equal to either the answer to your prayer or something greater.

Heres the break down:  If you are obedient to Gods Word (John 15:7), and you pray and ask God for anything (John 14:13-14), and you have faith that it be done in your life (Mark 11:23-24), you will obtain either whatever you prayed to God for or something greater than that (Ephesians 3:20) at a specific time in the future only known by God (Habakkuk 2:2-3).

So, then, what are Christians doing wrong?  Here it is:  the Number 1 reason why Christians fail to get what they pray for is because most do not believe that they can.  Consider the following examples of how some Christians generally believe about how God works:

“Lord I pray that if it be your will, you heal Johnny of his lung cancer.”

“My prayer wasn’t answered because God wanted it that way”

“It wasn’t his will for me to have it”

These reasons are completely unbiblical and contradict what the Bible says about prayer.  In order to get what God has for you, you MUST have faith.  Faith is, to put it simply, believing that you will get what the very thing that you are praying for.  So if you pray for X but say that you will only get X if God will allow you to, do you really believe that you will get X?  You couldn’t, it’s impossible.  Essentially, you are saying that you may or may not get X, depending on what Gods will for is (which to these folks, is unknown).  This is the ultimate fallacy in prayer.

You must believe that God will answer the prayer in order for it to be answered (that is the definition of faith).  God’s “will” for your life isn’t this mystical thing that only He knows.  His will is in his Word.  If God says that he will answer your prayer if you ask, have faith, and obey, then THAT’S his will for your life.  Therefore, you cannot believe that God might answer something depending on what He wants do in your life, then call that Faith.  He said he wants to give you whatever you pray for; again, that’s his will!  Clearly, this manner of thinking is contradictory.

Another reason why Christians fail to have their prayers answered is because some believe that their intercessory faith prayer is about themselves.  An example would be when one prays for the health of a loved one and that person ends up dead.  Well, we don’t know what happened in that persons final hour, or what that person experienced in his/her private time with God.  For all we know, the person denied healing and asked God to take them to heaven.

We get soo caught up in our prayer for their health to be answered that we fail to realize what that person prayed for for their own lives in their final minutes.  Basically, if a mother and a son, both obedient Christians, are praying for two different outcomes when it comes to the sons health, who do you think God will hear?

Again, we must consider that the Bible as fact for your prayers to work.  The biggest advice I can provide about prayer is that, in order to get everything that you pray to God for, believe that he has done it because he said so in his Word.  There is no caveats to it being done, because he said so in his Word.  For that reason, I personally have gotten everything I have ever prayed for, no lie.  You can too.

-Deshawn (@ShonJay714)

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    • Ty
      April 3, 2013

      Nice article…I think more people need to hear that.

    • Nikita
      April 3, 2013

      I was talking to a friend yesterday about answered prayer. I agree with you, God has answered every prayer, not because I am so wonderful per se, but because before I pray for a desire I would research scripture that pertains the outcome. Since God doesn’t lie, I meditate on that scripture until I believe what it said, for example such as wanting a mate. I reminded God of His word that says its not good for man to be alone. I read the story of Adam receiving a mate, then I ask God for a mate including specific wants then reminded God its not good that man be alone. Since my faith level was aready established by His word I saw it already done and in GodKs will before asking for it. Now it must be pronounced in prayer and sent out to accomplish God’s will. Good job D.

    • Erik
      April 3, 2013

      We should do a podcast on this subject. I have a different viewpoint. To say that God never says “no” is so general that it’s not true. People pray a lot of things in faith, but the fact is that if God were to answer that prayer it may not be as much in the best interest of the requestor as he/she thinks. For example, if Susan is really praying that God gives her the great job she just interviewed for, His answer may be “no” because he has a greater job for her lined up the following week.
      I also think it’s false to say that people who pray that God do something “if His will allows” lack faith. Afterall, Jesus prayed that type of prayer just before He was arrested in the garden before His crucifixion. He literally prayed that God would take that cup from Him, but only if His will allowed.
      I don’t disagree with everything you said, but some of your arguments are too general.

      • Deshawn
        April 3, 2013

        First, the equation depicts that God will answer every prayer that you pray or give you something greater. So you may not get the 200K house you prayed for, but the next week, you will get the 350K home. So God will say no (technically) but will give you something greater than what you prayed for.

        Second, Jesus was referring to having to suffer on the cross. What I failed to mention in the article is that this is something that you cannot pray into existence (ie, things that God says are inevitable). Suffering is something you cannot prevent, per the scripture (Psalm 34:19). Christ chose to enduring suffering. SO, with the exception of preventing suffering, anything can be prayed for.

    • Kimberly
      April 3, 2013

      I think valid points are definitely made. It gives you a new perspective on prayer. The only challenge I have is that a person could have everything they ask for. Prayer has to be lined up with God’s will. A person could be praying for something that is unjust and unholy, which is not a part of God’s will, and God grants them whatever they want. God is not a magic genie, he does not operate like that. Everything we prayer isn’t always according to His will….But I like the direction this article went in for the most part.

      • Deshawn
        April 3, 2013

        The caveat to this lies with being obedient. Would a person completely obedient to God pray for violence to happen to someone? Or A range on 24’s to show off to your friends? Nope… so obedience is key for prayer to being answer

        • Kimberly
          April 4, 2013

          I see your point. Very good analogy sir.

    • Derek
      April 3, 2013

      I agree with a lot of the points mentioned in this article. We prayed about a job for myself; and God answered our request! I think the major thing is faith. You have to have faith. Its sort of like ur put in a valley waiting for an answer, and this is the time where the adversary will try and talk you out of you reward, or you right to receive! All you gave to do is endure!

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