You know the myth about black people running at the first hint of danger…

Life is full of mysteries. Is there life on other planets? What came first–the chicken or the egg? How many fingers am I holding up? Who was that man who Luther was always making love ballads for? Will any given black person take off running at the sight of any other group of people running?

Well, the answer to that last question is yes. Heck yeah, we run. The following video from a Japanese game show, of all places, proves what is likely to happen when a black person sees a mob of people running. Behold:

The myth is true, ladies and gentlemen. My man asked no questions. Dropped his bag (because whatever was in it wasn’t that¬†important) ran out of his shoes (because they clearly weren’t made for running for your life) and was out. He is a great example of the long understood popular belief that when a black person sees a mob of people running, we assume that they’re being chased by the end of the world, and we break loose–no questions asked.

Given this fact, I’m not sure why there aren’t more of us around after the zombie apocalypse in The Walking Dead, during the alien invasion in War of the Worlds, or any of those other movies where the end of the world happens. People ain’t knowing, man.

So if the end of the world happens tomorrow, find a flock of black people and keep up. If they run, you better run too. Don’t fall. Keep up. Or else you die.

Good luck out there, bruh.

-Erik (@WalkSays)

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Erik Walker

Erik is black.

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    • Ruth Jeremiah
      September 10, 2015

      You almost made me lose my job homie with that video. That is absolutely what I do, no questions asked.

      Not sure why they literally killed all the black men on TWD, it’s a conspiracy if you ask me *shrugs*


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