You smell that? *deeeeeep inhale*


That, my friends, is the smell of a fresh new year! Well, it’s kinda fresh, by now it’s nine days old. But it’s still fresh-ish, and that counts… Anyway, welcome to 2014: the year of unbridled optimism… or something.

In all seriousness, I really feel like 2014 will be a good year. No, I’m not one of those people who talks about how everything is going to change in the new year. You know the ones that claim that they will be a new person, inside and out, and that they will have a new outlook on everything. People who say those things are usually lying. Nothing about Jan 1 will make you any different from who you were at 11:50pm on Dec 31. Chill.

No, I’m saying that 2014 has a good feeling about it. Obviously, it won’t all be good. It would be dumb to expect it to be all good. It just feels like awesome will happen, ya know?

Bottom line is that I hope you have a sense of optimism about 2014 also. There’s no reason to not be optimistic. A year is a long time. Lots of awesome can happen in a year. I hope awesome finds you this year. I’m pretty confident that it’s going to find me!

Until next time…

-Erik (@WalkSays)

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